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Project Description

Old attempt to make a 3d Engine based on OpenGL.


I was learning OpenGL from NeHe tutorials (this was back in time in 2001) (so you may encounter a code that resemble the NeHe tutorials in its site.

however I end up to make a simple library to handle the initialization of OpenGL in windows and handle abstracted the model rendering inside the viewport.

this ends to be a nice library (back then) that Object Oriented in design and Pointer Oriented in Rendering.

however I am releasing the source code for the public use so that it may be a use of someone else.


Turbine simulation

easygl turbine.png

The rotor is based on Naca0021 airfoil profile.
ofcourse this is not a real simulation it is just the shape rotating about itself
I may later think of velocity triangles of the turbine blades.

Keyboard simulation

easygl keyboard.png

This keyboard is a result of keys modeling and picking code that permits you to press the key by mouse or by the corresponding key in physical keyboard.

Library Platform

C++ Static library originally made in Visual Studio 6.0 and Ported to Visual Studio 2008

Static Library .LIB that should be linked to your application
all the code is available under the source control.

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